GRP Lead Flashing Alternative, London, Lead Substitute.

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Lead Reproduction

GRP is an effective method for Lead Reproduction.
Unlike lead it is vandal proof, has no scrap value and is cost efficient making this an ideal solution for both private and commercial lead flashing alternative.

GRP Simulated Lead Flashing London

Lead Substitute in London

Lead materials including flashing are very often stolen by thieves due to their re-sale value. GRP is a high quality lead alternative that comes with a guarantee and has all the properties of lead but will keep the thieves away from your property.

Why use GRP Fibreglass as a Lead Alternative?

  • Long lifespan - Proven 30 years upwards
  • Impervious to Foot Traffic and puncture
  • Wide choice of colours available
  • No joints or Seamless and jointless
  • Security - cannot be cut with a knife
  • Much cheaper than Lead or Copper
  • 100% waterproof and 100% UV resistant
  • Anti-slip finish

Lead Flashing substitute

GRP or fibreglass is a very popular way of replacing your lead roof. GRP is long lasting, durable and ideal to protect your roof from lead flashing, coverings and lead valley thefts. GRP has no scrap value and is a cost effective solution for all Lead roofing - a perfect Lead Substitute

Copper Rolls Alternative

Using our GRP System, we are able to re-create copper rolls. There are various colours and finishes available. GRP can be used for a copper rolls substitute for both private and commercial projects. This fibreglass system is cost efficient due to having no scrap value so it is not prone to vandalism.

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